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Top 10 Best Wine Brands In India with Price For All Occasions

2- Fratelli With an extensive vineyard, Fratelli is a premium yet affordable wine brand in India that has been producing the best wines since 2009. International blogger and wine consultant, Mr. Stevan once said that ‘Fratelli has the potential to become the best wine brand in India, just like Opus – the one in California’. It is best known for its grape variety which includes, Cabernet Sauvignon and others. Best Wines by Fratelli Chenin Blanc Sangiovese Bianco Merlot MS Rose J’Noon White Bottle Size: 750 ml Alcohol Content: 13.5% Starting Price: 925 INR Best Served With: Barbeque Dishes, Pizza, Cheeses, and Steak 3- YORK Coming from Maharashtra’s winery, York is one of the best wine brands in India. It produces a wide range of flavors of wines with grapes but due to its limited production, it ranks among the top wine brands in India. With its iconic black volcanic flavor, York produces the most premium wines in India. Best Wines by York Shiraz Viognier Cabernet Merlot Arros Sauvignon Blanc Chenin Blanc Bottle Size: 750 ml Alcohol Content: 14.3% Starting Price: 950 INR Best Served With: Grilled and tandoori meats mutton, steaks, and cheeses

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